Great Britain is one of the leading countries in the amount of various technological institutes. Intercultural exchange plays an important role in the educational system, which means that many global companies are interested in advancing programming and data analytics. 

On the way to the IT world

To become a professional practitioner in the field of computing and computer technology is a very difficult task. It requires an outstanding level of knowledge in various disciplines, a unique creative feeling, and strong motivation. Since machines are designed to increase human achievements, it is undoubtedly worth investing your time and efforts into training to work with them. 

British university graduates have a wide selection of employment opportunities: from promotion in the academic community to a career in companies or organizations working in highly competitive fields. This will become quite achievable after completion of such programs as:

1. University of Oxford - Computer Science, M.Sc.

This annual course advantageously combines theory and practice. Students will learn about the best practices and ideas being developed in the field of applications (graphics, visualization, and computer security), as well as mathematical analysis of programs and algorithms in a wide range of topics: object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, the use of languages and tools such as Java, C ++, Android, SQL, Python, MATLAB and others.

2. University of Oxford - Software and Systems Security, M.Sc.

This program lasts two years and offers over 15 different disciplines in the field of system security: from design to forensics; from management to malicious software; from wireless networks to cloud platforms. Students choose ten subjects at their discretion and work on their own small project as well. 

3. Imperial College London: Computing Science, M.Sc.; Computing (Machine Learning), M.Sc.; Advanced Computing, M.Sc.

All of the above-mentioned programs are designed for a year of intensive training in computer science and are suitable for graduates of any specialties who want to build a career in the computer industry. The acquired skills include working with different types of data, with software packages (MATLAB and R (programs for solving technical problems), developing solutions for a data storage system, a critical approach to emerging trends and research, and ways to adapt them for industrial purposes.

4. Queen Mary University of London - Computer Science, M.Sc.

This annual program is designed primarily for those interested in research specialties: Computer Vision; Cognitive Science; Risk and Information Management (RIM); and Computer Science Theory. Successful completion of the program can also provide a way for further academic advancement or a research career in industry.

5. King's College London - Cyber Security, M.Sc.

This course is an ideal opportunity for graduates who already have good knowledge in the field of computer science and want to dig into narrowly non-diversified disciplines: Cryptography, Security Management, Security Engineering, Security Testing, Network Security, Computer Forensics & Cybercrime and others.

* * *

To take any course in computer technology in the UK, you will need to present the equivalent of a diploma or certificate in the basics of computer science, economics, mathematics, physics, and other subjects, if it is required by the selected university. International students also need an Overall Band Score in English: IELTS 6.0-6.5 or TOEFL iBT not less than 100

Demand for such specialists is very high, both in the UK and around the world, where salaries are much higher than other IT specialists and at least exceed twice the average salary in the UK itself. If you study the science of data and analytics, you will receive a higher education with excellent job prospects in various fields.

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