Higher education


Higher education in the United Kingdom has centuries-old traditions and is one of the most prestigious, popular and demanded in the world.

Higher education in the UK gives an opportunity to develop one’s skills and knowledge, freedom of creativity, as well as support to achieve the best result. British education advocates the highest world standards - three out of ten top universities in the world are located in the UK.

The British educational system is based on four major levels: pre-school, secondary school, high school / vocational courses and higher education.

Why is it worth to get higher education in Great Britain?

In 2017, the United Kingdom was the second most popular OECD country (after the USA) among foreign students getting a master's or doctor’s degrees (15%).

More than 75% of research projects of British universities top global rankings or have sound international standing.

The satisfaction level of students studying at British universities remains high from year to year, and 84% of students in 2018 say they are satisfied with their educational process.

In addition, recent figures show that more than 90% of graduates worked or continued their studies for six months after graduation. The number of foreign students in postgraduate courses was the highest for engineering and technological degrees, business and administration, IT.

You can join more than 300,000 international students from non-EU countries who have been already studying at one of the UK universities. Enjoy life in London, the financial and cultural center of the world, or in any other city, increase your employment prospects with an internationally recognized diploma of a British university.



  • UK population - 66 529 528 (May 2018)
  • Compulsory education - 11 years (aged from 5 to 16)
  • International student center - Great Britain is the second most popular OECD country for foreign students studying for a master's degree or doctoral programs after the USA (2017)
  • Education with honours - three out of top 10 universities in the world are located in the UK (The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019)
  • Academic excellence - More than 70 Nobel Prize winners studied or worked at British universities
  • Fall in love with London – London has become the best student city in the world (QS Best Student Cities index 2018)

2.32 million students were studying at British higher education institutions in 2016-17.

23,9% 76,1%
Bachelor’s degree program 1 760 000
Master’s degree program 551 585
22,4% 77,6%
Full time 1 800 000
Part time 518 309
5,8% 13,3% 80,9%
UK students 1 870 000
Students from non-EU countries 307 540
Students from EU countries 134 835

The higher education in Great Britain and specifics of education for foreign students

UK higher education offers a wide range of programs and qualifications, such as first degrees, higher national diplomas and foundation degrees. Higher education includes any qualification at Level 4 and above. For example, a BA or BSc (Hons) is a Level 6 qualification.

British universities and colleges are diverse, multicultural, creative, and welcoming. They offer the highest quality of education and great career opportunities, as well as the chance to improve your English proficiency. More than 430 000 international students from more than 180 countries of the world study here annually.

The higher education system in the UK implies different rules for British, European and other foreign students. We will talk about some of the similarities and differences below.

Getting the bachelor’s degree

We will help you to choose the suitable program from among 50,000 courses at 400 universities and colleges. The application and enrollment process includes the following steps.

Step 1
  • Exploring existing opportunities
  • Choosing the desired sphere
  • Setting academic goals
  • Choosing an educational program
  • Assessment of admission criteria
  • Assessment of your chances of admission
  • Selection of no more than 5 universities for submission of documents
Step 2
  • Filling in an application form online
  • Preparation of necessary documents for submission (CV, cover letter, references)
  • Translation and legal certification of supporting documents
  • Sending a completed questionnaire with accompanying documents
Step 3
Communication with a
  • Getting a preliminary offer from the university
  • IELTS language test
  • GMAT test (if required)
  • Check for compliance with the offer requirements
  • Official confirmation of admission to the program (subject to a visa issuance)
Step 4
Preparation for
  • Finance related issues
  • Visa application support
  • Choosing an accommodation for the study period
  • Organization of transfer and meeting on site

Master’s programs and postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies may focus on academic research or professional development.

  • The master's degree includes some academic research, but the main focus is on lectures and seminars. Full-time courses usually take one year, and part-time courses usually take two years.
  • Studying at PhD program you will learn different methods of academic analysis before conducting your own research project. Academic courses usually last 18 months full time, but can take up to three years.

In the UK, the majority of postgraduate students study part-time; the full-time education market mainly consists of foreign students.

International students having a Tier 4 student visa can only study full-time courses.

Full-time study

Full-time courses allow you to get a qualification in the shortest possible time.

  • Usually, training starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. every weekday. It is supported by extensive self-education.

Part-time study

If you need a Tier 4 student visa to study in the UK, you are not eligible for part-time programs.

  • Part-time training would allow you to balance study with work or private life.
  • Your study hours and education time can be very flexible.
  • Part-time classes are well suited for those who want to change his/her career path or acquire new skills while continuing to work.
  • Part-time programs may not give you full immersion into the atmosphere of the university.

Study grants

Some universities offer scholarships for international students to fund studies and research projects.

We will help you to find various sources of funding for postgraduate education, including state scholarships and private study grants.

UK university admission requirements

A bachelor's degree in the subject you want to study is not a necessary prerequisite.

Universities sometimes accept industry experience as a qualification criterion.

We will help you to check requirements for admission to the programs and courses of interest to you, as well as assess your chances of admission.

Can you speak, listen, read and write fluently in English? We will help you to get and prove the required level of English competence for studying in the UK.


As a foreign student applying for study in the UK, you will need a Tier 4 student visa (according to information for 2019). After you are admitted to the program and the university sends you an official invitation, we will help you to apply and get a student visa.

Accommodation and language courses at the universities

Some universities have special housing or campus for international students.

Moreover the university may have language courses to facilitate your adaptation. We will help you with applying for such courses at the chosen university.

Funds management and budgeting

You should take into account such costs as tuition fees, training materials, rent, utility bills, food and drink, clothing, transportation, and telephone/ internet expenses. We will help you to plan your budget.

Selection of the university and study programs
Selection of the university and study programs
10 300
  • This service includes a personal or online consultation lasting 90 minutes, including filling in a form with all requirements for the program and the university.

  • Testing to determine the chances of entering a university

  • Following the meeting, you will get a follow-up email with recommendations, as well as selected universities and programs (5 suitable options to choose from).

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

IELTS exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
IELTS exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
2 200
  • This service includes a personal or online lesson with a certified IELTS teacher

  • Lesson duration is 60 minutes

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

Uni Basic
Organization of the entire university admission process in 3 universities More
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  • - Личная консультация с коучем по академическим целям
  • - Подбор университетов и программ обучения за рубежом
  • - Построение дорожной карты поступлений
  • - Рекомендации и подробные инструкции по составлению документов для подачи в университеты (эссе, резюме, рекомендаций и других)
  • - Проверка 3-х пакетов документов и внесение необходимых правок
  • - Сопровождение и подробные инструкции в процессе заполнения и подачи аппликационной формы в университеты
  • - Сопровождение и подробные инструкции на протяжении всего процесса поступления от момента подачи документов в университет до момента получения ответа о зачислении от университета
  • - Индивидуальный менеджер, который отвечает на все вопросы 24/7 в личном чате в WhatsApp или Telegram
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