Future profession choice


The choice of higher education is closely connected with the main question - what is the future profession? This can be quite a challenge in an ever-changing world with millions of life factors. But if you do everything step by step in the systematized manner, it will be easier to come to a decision.

Career planning is an ongoing process that helps you manage your learning and development progress. It begins with the selection of a suitable profession. This choice is the key one.
Five steps to help you choose your future profession and career goals:
  • Understand yourself using special techniques

    We offer psychometric and career guidance tests to do so. You may buy this service separately or in a package with other career services.

    In addition, there is a service of a future profession selection. Also, it includes the selection of career counselling centers abroad.

    We will help to answer such questions as:

    • How to make a right choice of a profession and save time?
    • How to make this choice consciously and enjoy your job for the most of your life?
  • Understand the labor market and its development trends

    Many professions will cease to exist in 5-10 years, so it is extremely important to understand the main trends in the labor market development. You can read about them in our blog or get a free personal consultation from our specialist.

  • Assess and make a choice

    After the necessary diagnostics for career counselling and assessment of the current labor market is made, we will offer suitable options for personal and career development.

  • Make a decision

    Choose the best option from those suggested by the StudySmart experts, select the support and service package.

  • Take an action 05

This planning model is suitable for school graduates, students and first-job searchers.

Studying in the UK imposes additional obligations, but opens up enormous opportunities and prospects in choosing affordable professions in top companies and in the international labor market.

Why StudySmart?
  • We know how to help you choose a profession, because we have a significant experience in the academic environment.
  • We have a wide network of contacts at various levels in the real sector of the economy (finance, IT, consulting etc.).
  • We cooperate with international career counselling companies.
  • We use vocational counselling methods focused on the foreign labor market.
  • We have expertise in psychometric tests that are used by well-known foreign companies.
First consultation
First consultation
  • This service includes answers to questions related to admission, study abroad or career.
  • This service includes a personal or online consultation lasting 30 minutes.
  • Following the meeting, a follow-up email will be sent to you.
Professional Booster
All you need to have for a successfull career choice (including personal or online meeting with industry specialist) More
  • - Проводится полный анализ портфолио (текущие результаты/оценки, спортивные достижения и другое)
  • - Проводится устное тестирование по профессиональному ориентированию и готовится отчет по его результатам (выявление структуры интересов и диагностика компетенций)
  • - Проводится знакомство с профессиями, рынком труда и его тенденциями
  • - Проводится работа над инновативностью и креативностью мышления
  • - Формирование индивидуальной образовательной программы для повышения профессионального самоопределения и конкурентоспособности на рынке труда
  • - Формирование стратегии профессиональной адаптации на основе конкретного карьерного плана
  • - Готовятся индивидуальные рекомендации, на что обратить внимание по текущей учебе с учетом профессионального ориентирования
  • - Делается предварительный подбор университетов и программ обучения с учетом профессионального ориентирования
  • - WhatsApp чат 24/7 минимум с 2 представителями компании для ответа на вопросы
Package cost: from₽/мес15 000