GMAT Preparation


GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardized adaptive test in English, which defines the analytical level of a test taker, assesses his/her ability to learn at a certain university and take the business programs.

Why is it important
to pass this exam?

Test results are often an important selection criterion for admission to foreign universities, namely when applying for MBA, graduate programmes, PhD, etc. Currently many leading master's programmes in economics and finance require this test for admission. Also, the test result can be a valid argument when compiling a resume for employment abroad.

  • High GMAT demonstrates your commitment to learning, motivation and ability to succeed in the programme.
  • It measures your critical thinking and reasoning skills, which are the two most important skills for the world's leading business and master's programs.
  • It increases your earning capacity and opens up a world of opportunities.
  • More than 7,000 MBA and master’s programmes use the GMAT test.
  • 200,000 candidates pass GMAT testing worldwide annually.
  • GMAT can be taken in 114 countries.
The Main Components of the Test:
  • Written analytical assessment (essay) 01
  • Test of integrated thinking 02
  • Test of numerical information processing 03
  • Verbal test of the language competence 04
Which Elements form the GMAT Intensive Training Course?
The initial stage

There is formed a map of your knowledge and gaps based on the plan and task examples. There is drawn up an individual program of necessary lessons for self-study or teachers selected for you. There is organised communication with a native speaker.

Training courses

There is offered the intensive basic training courses acording to the individual sections of the test or the general training program from scratch. Analysis of real test examples.

Test scoring

Passing of a training GMAT test. Estimated scoring. Detailed verification and analysis of the results.

Why StudySmart?
  • An individual training strategy based on your personal knowledge and abilities
  • Practical and proven recommendations for successful passing the test
  • Experienced teachers having knowledge of the GMAT algorithm
  • Opportunity to meet people who have successfully passed the test
GMAT exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
GMAT exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
3 500
  • This service includes a personal or online lesson with a certified GMAT teacher

  • Lesson duration is 60 minutes

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.