Language courses for admission


StudySmart courses offer a new approach to the language studies for getting high passing scores. We will change your way of mastering the language, and offer the state-of-the-art innovating teaching methods.

One of the main conditions for obtaining a student or working visa is an adequate level of English language competence. We are happy to accompany you in reaching this goal.

We practice a non-standard approach to learning the language. It allows choosing an effective individual English learning program. You will be able to study online, in person or in a group with certified CELTA, TEFL teachers. We offer combined classes using different technologies and teaching methods. We believe that in the modern world of technology, where interviews for obtaining visa, enrollment to universities or employment often take place online and from different parts of the world, a language should be learnt using new ways of teacher communications.

Our experienced teachers, including native speakers, will prepare you for IELTS and TOEFL international language exams. StudySmart is certified to conduct trial testing of the IELTS and TOEFL international language exams.

We will also can help you to choose a language school and a language training program abroad to study in the native speakers’ environment.

Study programs depend on the level of knowledge and future goals. They can be divided into the following types:
Intensive program

For people with poor knowledge and communication skills

For people having the basic knowledge, who need to achieve the maximum results in the shortest time

Adaptive program

This program is tailored for people willing to improve their language proficiency for successful enrollment and a comfortable stay in the UK, who have enough time for training.

Preparation for tests

We have introduced a special course to prepare for passing international tests and entrance exams; it focuses on specific topics and test programs.

Native speaker challenge

This course is aimed at improving conversational skills through regular communication with a native speaker.

Corporate training

This program is the best choice for corporate employees who need the business English to communicate effectively in a business environment.

IELTS exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
IELTS exam training (1 lesson 60 minutes)
2 200
  • This service includes a personal or online lesson with a certified IELTS teacher

  • Lesson duration is 60 minutes

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

Advanced English
Помогает подобрать индивидуально школу для изучения английского языка за рубежом More
  • - Counselling in the preparation of a package of documents for submission to a language school
  • - English proficiency testing
  • - Application submission and language school enrollment
  • - Selection of a school for studying English abroad
  • - Academic goals setting session
Package cost: 5 500
Помогает повысить шансы на поступление в университет за рубежом More
  • Узнайте свои реальные шансы на поступление  Пройдите тестирование на знание английского языка Получите персональные рекомендации по подготовке к IELTS или TOEFL в соответствии со вашим уровнем английского языка Получите анализ вашего портфолио (CV, дипломы и сертификаты) Получите советы и материалы, как увеличить шансы на поступление в соответствии с вашим индивидуальным портфолио
Package cost: 15 000