Constantly growing popularity of the Internet gives a huge opportunity to companies to expand business. Traditional retail shop transforms into online store. A recent trend “digital marketing” has appeared which allows companies to advertise their goods and services via online communication channels.

Key roles in digital marketing

Digital marketing is almost similar to a traditional one; however it is much more flexible, creative and exciting. At the same time this profession requires new skills and knowledge.

Large budgets and rapid compensation growth – this is just an example of multiple advantages which a specialist in digital marketing may get.

There is a wide range of jobs in digital marketing sphere and a great potential for career development: video and audio production, interactive technologies, SEO optimization, SEM marketing, social media, e-commerce, direct mailing, marketing automatization, content management, web-design and web-development, copyright and editing, business analytics and marketing strategy.

Industry experts predict that by the year of 2024 sector job growth will rich 9% yoy. About 20,000 new positions will appear in advertising, promotion and marketing management sector. 69% of marketing specialists expect headcount growth in their teams. The most demanded skills are digital advertising, content management and email marketing.

Digital marketing is widely used by brands and real sector companies. Here are key types of roles in digital marketing:

1. Digital projects manager

These specialists are often responsible for communication between a company and its clients, management of creative projects, and provide all the necessary tools (including software tools) for different departments and teams in the company

2. User experience specialist

UX designers are involved in user interface and digital services development. The range of duties starts with web-site development and ends with tasks related to how clients work with IT support. UX designers’ team is a very important part in every marketing strategy. Experience in web-development and web-design is an advantage, which increases a potential for career and compensation growth.

3. SEO specialist

SEO specialists work on creation and implementation of strategies, which move web-pages to the top positions in a search engine results. This leads to client growth on company web-site. From backlinks to optimized content creation – communication skills are essential for SEO-strategist

4. Content strategist

Content is one of the most important parts of every marketing strategy. Content strategists create processes which define the way how and when content reaches its clients. These specialists are always up-to-date with hottest topics; know very well their audience, modern trends and latest news

5. Marketing director

Marketing directors have a wide range of responsibilities – from strategy evaluation to approval of company commercial proposals. This specialist usually works in close connection with a CEO of the company.

Digital technologies are extremely important in marketing sphere. With its popularity growth companies need to hire more specialists who possess essential skills and knowledge

There are a lot of opportunities to obtain required skills in the UK. British universities offer academic programmes for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as vocational courses in digital marketing

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