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We specialize in educational and career support counseling.
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Join our current community of mentors and experts. Over 100 mentors from companies of market leaders in their sectors that have graduated from top universities around the world.

We offer an individual approach, personalized learning experience. System built in such a way that each student / client will receive their attention from market experts and a program that suits him.

Get access to knowledge, tools and experts. StudySmart Pre-University - We platform for talented students. Go through the selection and get completely free escort for admission to a university abroad. Interviews and selection are carried out by our experienced mentors and experts.

What can be useful
  • Mentoring Institute Developed in Large International Companies 01
  • With a mentor, you can go a long way and save a few years without making unnecessary mistakes 02
  • Mentoring is valuable, as the mentor gives advice and insight 03
  • A Mentor Helps Identify and Solve a Client Problem 04
  • Mentor helps determine the university and answer the question of who you can see yourself. after 5 - 10 years, at what job 05
Our mentors work
in such companies:
Industry specialist coaching
Industry specialist coaching
10 500
  • This service includes an online meeting with an industry specialist.

  • The meeting duration is 45 minutes.

  • The meeting will help to get an insight on the industry functioning, work in large and prestigious companies, standard career paths, and make useful contacts.

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

CV and LinkedIn profile analysis
CV and LinkedIn profile analysis
  • This service is for students, graduates and young professionals with experience from 0 to 3 years.

  • Online or a personal meeting lasting 30 minutes.

  • Analysis of CV and LinkedIn profile.

  • Recommendations on how to improve CV and LinkedIn profile.

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

CV checking and editing
CV checking and editing
9 750
  • This service includes checking and editing CV for the university. CV is sent electronically.

  • The service takes 3 business days.

  • 1-3 editing rounds for each CV.

  • The final version of CV edited by a native English speaker.

  • A follow-up personal or online meeting to analyze CV will be organized.

Our manager will contact you within 24 hours after the purchase.

Career goals setting
Career goals setting
4 550
  • This service includes an online or personal meeting with a career specialist.

  • The duration of the meeting is 45 minutes.

  • Discussion and setting career goals.

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

Preparing for job interviews
Preparing for job interviews
13 000
  • This service includes a personal or online consultation with a career coach lasting 60 minutes, during which the necessary tactics for interviewing are discussed.

  • After the meeting, you will get a follow-up email with recommendations.

Our manager will agree a convenient time slot for a meeting within 24 hours after purchase.

Uni Basic
Organization of the entire university admission process in 3 universities More
  • Testing to determine chances of university admission
  • Academic goals setting session
  • Selection of the university and study programs
  • Drawing up an individual application schedule for admission to the university
  • Support in filling out the application form for admission to the university
  • Support in preparation of an individual package of documents for submission to the university
Package cost: 60 000
Career Starter Abroad
Помогает начать строить свою карьеру за рубежом сразу после обучения More
  • - Анализ CV и LinkedIn профиля
  • - Проверка и редактирование CV
  • - Определение и формулирование карьерных целей
  • - Подготовка к интервью на работу
  • - Проверка и редактирование сопроводительного письма (Cover Letter) для подачи на одну вакансию
  • - Составление индивидуальной стратегии подач на вакансии
  • - Консультация со специалистом из отрасли (ментором)
Package cost: 58 500