To teach children how to code at a young age is priceless. Coding skills will help a lot in future education process and professional career.

UK educational centers offer a lot of courses for training children of all ages the basics of coding. Moreover, the majority of courses are based on personal approach to every child and help to develop creativity.

Best coding programmes for children in the UK

Here you can find our list of top-3 programmes which are focused on children and affordable from costs perspective:

1. Bucksmore Coding Programme (London)

Unique opportunity for students to merge two main required skills of the future: English language knowledge and coding.

This 2-week length programme includes:

  • 15 hours of English language courses per week: basics of grammar, communication skills, vocabulary development, cultural and local history immersion
  • 7.5 hours of coding each week in the modern computer labs, learning one of the most demanded languages – Python
  • Credit-card sized computer Raspberry Pi for introduction to computer technologies, students can leave it after graduation for further practice
  • Bucksmore Education report card and official certificate after graduation
  • full daytime and evening entertainment, London sightseeing tours, trip to Brighton and well-known Thorpe Park

Weekly tuition fee at Bucksmore Coding is GBP 1300.

The programme lasts two weeks at Plumpton College or King Edward’s School.

Using multilevel approach the programme develops language skills and confidence, improves understanding of English literature and mass-media.

A team of experienced professionals at Bucksmore not only ran academic courses but also takes part in every activity and sightseeing tours to create warm and friendly environment.

2. FunTech (London)

FunTech offers regular coding courses as well as summer programmes which are focused on children of age 7-13 and older. Younger kids could start training with Minecraft modes, Lego robotics and Scratch coding, animation development, carton and games creation. Further training will involve Minecraft Redstone, application development, coding in Java and Python and even drones control programming.

Summer schools are open from August 19-23 or August 26-30 and may include night accommodation upon request. “TechStarter” course will cost GBP 1485. There are multiple locations across the UK.

Children are always supervised, while accommodation includes all facilities: the most modern labs, sport-center and indoor pool; entertainment activities: diving, magician performance, barbecue etc.

3. Bermotech (London)

Bermotech is a training company which is focused on helping adults to obtain essential skills for their further career. At the same time the company offers off-cycle schools for children and teenagers to study different topics including coding, application development and game programming.

The length of courses varies – half day or all day long, some of them are suitable for children of age 9-12, other for teenagers of age 13-17.

Aug Python Coding for Teen course trains students how to code in Python. Aug Game Programming with Java Teens uses a popular development environment Eclipse IDE which allows to practice coding in Java. Greenfoot IDE is used in games development which will be the graduation project for every student.

Android Application Development for Teen is focused on app creation for Android using App Inventor, web-apps from Google, operating with maps, audio, games and translating services.

All the courses are located in London and costs from GBP 200 to GBP 550 for several days of training. 

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